About Us

Welcome to Supply & Demand, an award-winning Italian restaurant chain in Singapore!

Inspired by the trattorias and pizzerias of Italy, we serve rustic Italian cuisine and like to keep things simple – just like the Italians do. Supply & Demand is proud to present a menu brimming with classic Italian food, the kind that utilises top-quality ingredients and fresh produce. Dine with us and feast on thin-crust pizza, hearty calzones, rich pasta and creamy risotto. We also serve a range of Southeast Asian contemporary dishes, healthy salads and decadent desserts. With such an extensive menu, there’s sure to be something palate-pleasing for all our customers. In addition to the food, our drinks list is diverse and features cocktails, beers and quality international wines.

Our modern menu, spacious dining room and casual atmosphere makes dining at Supply & Demand perfect for any occasion. We’re passionate about Italian cuisine and always look forward to sharing our culinary creativity with the people of Singapore.

Monday to Saturday

11 Mandalay Road,
#01-02 Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Singapore 308232

Monday to Friday
12:00 to 3:00pm
6:00 to 10:30pm
Saturday to Sunday
12:00 to 10:30pm

277 Orchard Road,
#02-13/14, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858